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Audit and Assurance

We recognise the commercial importance of providing assurance on your business controls

Audit and assurance

Assurance services and adding value are concepts not usually viewed together as primary objectives of an independent opinion on annual financial statements.

But at Moore Stephens we recognise the commercial importance of providing assurance on your business controls so there are no surprises.

We believe that much of the value of our services is in our relationship with you via our service team.   We understand your need for solid advice to help you develop your business and achieve your commercial objectives.  

Our Audit and Assurance services can be grouped into 3 areas:

1) Audit
Our computerised audit approach and investment in related technology enables us to deliver seamless global accounting and auditing services.

Our goal is to add value through all of our services including audit by providing advice to assist our clients to develop their business.
The Moore Stephens audit approach is based on developing a sound understanding of your business, including the financial risks it faces.  By agreeing your expectations at an early stage, the audit is focused on the particular requirements of the business.
This enables us to provide an audit opinion on the financial statements while still presenting you, the business owner, with useful information to assist in future development.

2) Assurance
Our assurance services do not end with audits of financial statements. Other forms of corporate reporting and disclosure gain credibility from independent external assurance. Using tried and tested methodologies, we can provide a range of other assurance services that are suited to your particular reporting needs, including:

  • Information systems and controls assurance
  • Forensic audit and investigation
  • Engagements in accordance with:
    • International Standards on review engagements
    • International Standards on assurance engagements
    • International Standards on related services
3) Internal Audit
 A critical element of good corporate governance is ensuring that procedures and controls are operating effectively across all departments.

Internal audit provides assurance and also identifies areas for improvement within key aspects of the business, thus empowering management to enhance performance.

An effective internal audit consists of a systematic review of an organisation’s processes including finance, HR, IT, sales and purchasing. Internal audit evaluates policies, procedures and controls to ensure they address:
  • achievement of objectives
  • management of risk
  • effective and efficient use of resources
  • compliance with external laws and regulations
  • safeguarding of assets from fraud, irregularity or corruption
  • integrity and reliability of information.

As well as providing both fully outsourced and co-sourced internal audit, the Moore Stephens team can assess the effectiveness of your existing internal audit function, help you to establish your own function or perform an audit of any area of your business.

Please contact us today to find out more about how your business could benefit from our services.